The Fleet 17 Boat Club, formed in the late 1980’s, serves boaters of the Lower Fox River and the Chain O’ Lakes as they cross McHenry and Lake Counties in Northeast Illinois. If you’re looking for some new friends with similar interests consider joining the Fleet 17 Boat Club. We’re primarily a social club having yearly picnics, boating raft-ups and various other boating related activities. We are the sponsoring organization for the Venetian Night on the River every August.
We also involve ourselves with the Waterway Management Agency and other regulatory agencies involved with making the Fox River and Chain’O’Lakes safe and enjoyable. For more information please write to ” The Fleet 17 Boat Club, P.O. Box 531, Cary IL 60013″, or contact one of our
members at the various marinas on the Chain. If you would like to join, please click or tap on the member application on this webpage.

Principle Purpose The principle purposes, business and objectives of the club shall be the development and encouragement of boating safety, dissemination of nautical knowledge, customs and beliefs, to maintain and make every effort to improve on the conditions of our principal waterway, the Fox River and the Greater Chain of Lakes waterways. To work in cooperation with Local, State and Federal Regulatory agencies to promote enforcement of all current and future laws and regulations pertaining to our principal object and purpose. This club is a family organization and as such will provide and promote activities which enhance good fellowship among its membership. To contact The Fleet 17 Boat Club click here.

Membership Membership in THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB shall be open to all families who are interested in boating and the preservation of the Fox River and the Chain of Lakes. To print out an application to join The Fleet 17 Boat Club click here.

Dues The annual dues of membership in THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB, effective 9/94, shall be $35.00. All annual dues are to be paid by the January meeting, with a late fee for members who do not pay on time. New members which join after August 1st shall pay a semi-annual due of $17.50.

Board of Directors The Board of Directors shall consist of the Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Fleet Commander, Harbor Captain, Cruise Master and First Mate. The term of each office is twelve (12) months; commencing at the October meeting, subject to the rotation schedule described herein. For a list of the Current Board of Directors click here.

Commodore The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the club and of its Board of Directors meetings and shall carry on those other responsibilities assigned to him by these bylaws and by the Board of Directors and to the best of his abilities promote good fellowship ashore and afloat.

Vice Commodore Vice-Commodore during the absence of temporary incapacity of the Commodore, the Vice-Commodore shall perform the duties and have the powers of the Commodore. He shall appoint all committees and shall be a member ex-office of all committees and shall carry on those other responsibilities assigned to him by the Commodore.

Fleet Commander The Fleet Commander is responsible for the entertainment and social aspects of the club and is to promote safety ashore and afloat.

Harbor Captain The Harbor Captain shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings, the monthly newsletter and correspondence relating to the club and its promotion.

Cruise Master The Cruise Master shall keep all accounts of the club and have charge of its funds.

First Mate The First Mate will be a 6th alternate non-voting director who will take over any position except Commodore in the event of a vacancy on the board.

Admiral The Admiral – Advisory overseer on the Board of Directors. (prior year’s Commodore)

Lifetime Members Mary Carter, Leo Florio, Mary Ellen Golden and Greg Tricker