Club Bylaws

“The Fleet 17 Boat Club”
P.O. Box 531     Cary, IL 60013

Effective September 29, 1994
Revised September 29, 2004
Revised September 30, 2010
Revised September 30, 2015
Revised September 28, 2016

The following bylaws and rules are to be listed with the charter of the Fleet 17 Boat Club.


Section 1. The name of the corporation shall be THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB, and its
location shall be in the City of Cary in the State of Illinois.

Section 2. The principle purposes, business and objects of the club shall be the
development and encouragement of boating safety, dissemination of
nautical knowledge, customs and beliefs to maintain and make every effort
to improve on the conditions of our principle waterway, the Fox River and
the Greater Chain of Lakes waterways. To work in cooperation with Local,
State and Federal Regulatory agencies to promote enforcement of all
current and future laws and regulations pertaining to our principle object
and purpose. This club is a family organization and as such will provide and
promote activities which enhance good fellowship among its membership.

Section 3.  The club shall have no capital stock, no dividends, profits or other pecuniary
benefits to be declared or paid to the members.


Section 1. Membership in THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB shall be open to all families who
are interested in boating and the preservation of the Fox River and the
Chain of Lakes.

Section 2. The annual dues of membership in THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB, effective 9/94,
shall be $35.00.

Section 3. All annual dues are to be paid by the January meeting.

Section 4. New members which join after August 1st shall pay a semi‐annual dues of

Section 5. Former members of THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB who wish to rejoin the club
shall pay the full amount of the annual dues regardless of timing of their

Section 6. A former member shall be defined as any member who has not been on the
club’s roster for one calendar year or given written notification of their
resignation of membership.

Section 7. There shall be two classifications of membership in the club: Active and
Honorary. An active member shall be defined as one whose membership
has been approved by the Board of Directors, paid all dues and obligations
on or before their due date. An Honorary member shall be defined as an
individual who by a majority vote of the membership at any given meeting
will be granted the title of Honorary Member. This shall entitle the
Honorary Member to participate in all club activities and membership
privileges at no cost to that member.

Section 8. Membership in the club may be terminated for nonpayment of fees by
action of the Board of Directors. Termination of the membership of any
member does not entitle said member to a refund of any kind.

Section 9. Membership dues will become due each January 1st, payable within thirty
(30) days.

Section 10. A member may resign from the club at any time upon written notice
addressed to the Harbor Master. Membership fees will not be refunded.

Section 11. Fleet 17 will extend reciprocal courtesies to other similar chartered clubs.
Each member family will receive one membership card as proof of membership.

Section 12. Monies paid to the Club as donations, gifts, or advertising do not qualify as
membership dues.

Section 13. A “member family” is defined to include family members living in the same
club member household.


Section 1. The name of the registered agent for THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB is Walter F.
Binder, Jr.

Section 2. The address of the registered agent for THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB is 21
Northwest Highway, Cary, Illinois 60013.

Section 3. The address for club correspondence is P.O. Box 531, Cary, Illinois 60013.


Section 1. THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB shall maintain at all times a general liability
insurance policy. The responsibility for maintaining coverage shall be that
of the Treasurer, upon notification from the Secretary that the premium for
coverage is due. Any changes to the coverage shall only occur after a
majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Section 1. All events and projects of THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB shall have a budget
requested by the event/project chairperson, with funding to be received
from the Cruise Master. A budget for any Fleet 17 event or project shall be
submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors prior to any
expenditure of Fleet 17 funds. This amendment does not alter or change
any duties of the Cruise Master.

Section 2. Each year an annual budget will be prepared and submitted for approval at
the February meeting for the upcoming year’s events. Requests for changes
to the budget during the year can be submitted at any club meeting for
approval. The Cruise Master is responsible for maintaining the annual


Section 1. Nominations from the membership to the Board of Directors shall be
received from the membership at the August meeting.

Section 2. A general election for nominees to the Board of Directors (excluding the
Fleet Commodore) shall be held at the September meeting.

Section 3. The Change of Watch shall occur at the October meeting.


Section 1. Management of the club shall be vested in the Board of Directors


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of the Commodore, Vice‐Commodore,
Fleet Commander, Harbor Captain, Cruise Master and First Mate.

Section 2. The term of each office is twelve (12) months; commencing October 1st of
each year, subject to the rotation schedule described herein.

Section 3. The Board of Directors may employ whatever personnel they deem
necessary for which funds are available to aid in the management of the

Section 4. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the
Commodore, notice of which shall be given in sufficient time to permit
members to be present.


Section 1. The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the club and of its Board of
Directors meetings and shall carry on those other responsibilities assigned
to him by these bylaws and by the Board of Directors and to the best of his
abilities promote good fellowship ashore and afloat.

Section 2. Vice‐Commodore during the absence or temporary incapacity of the
Commodore, the Vice‐Commodore shall perform the duties and have the
powers of the Commodore. He shall appoint all committees and shall be a
member ex‐office of all committees and shall carry on those other
responsibilities assigned to him by the Commodore.

Section 3. The Fleet Commander is responsible for the entertainment and social
aspects of the club and is to promote safety ashore and afloat.

Section 4. The Harbor Captain shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings, the
monthly newsletter and correspondence relating to the club and its
1. The Site Captain position is a non‐voting assistant to the Harbor Captain
whose sole responsibility is to maintain the website. The Site Captain
will receive all instructions, directions, and materials from the Harbor

Section 6. The Cruise Master shall keep all accounts of the club and have charge of its
funds. He shall keep all funds in a bank approved by the Board of Directors
and in the name of the club. Subject to withdrawal by checks and signed in
such a manner as from time to time be approved by the Board of Directors.
The Finance Committee shall audit and report on the books bi‐annually.
He will pay any bills approved by the Board of Directors up to three‐
hundred dollars ($300). Any bills in excess of this amount must be taken
up by members before being acted upon. He must have all records and
receipts up to date at all times and be prepared to give a financial report
upon request. The bank account established by the Cruise Master will
provide two signatures, namely Cruise Master and of Commodore.

Section 7. The First Mate will be a 6th alternate non‐voting director who will take over
any position except Commodore in the event of a vacancy on the board.
Admiral – Advisory overseer on the Board of Directors. (prior year’s


Section 1. The Board of Directors serve each office on a rotation basis as outlined
1. The Commodore becomes Admiral
2. Vice‐Commodore becomes Commodore.

Section 2. Vice‐Commodore, Fleet Commander, Cruise Master, Harbor Captain and
the First Mate positions are open for the general election by the
membership each year. Nominations for the above positions are made at
the August meeting by the general membership of THE FLEET 17 BOAT
CLUB. The election takes place at the September meeting.

Section 3. The Change of Watch occurs at the October meeting. The past Vice‐
Commodore takes the office of Commodore at the same time.

Section 4. In the event of a vacancy in the Board of Directors, the positions will be
filled by the First Mate with exception of the Commodore position which
will always be filled by the Vice‐Commodore. Written notice of intent to
vacate an office must be submitted to the Harbor Captain. Nominations for
the First Mate will be taken at the next scheduled meeting and from these
nominees the Board of Directors will select a succeeding First Mate.


Section 1. This club sets a quorum of seven members to constitute a meeting. Voting
must be two‐thirds of members present at meetings.

Section 2. Meeting dates will be the last Wednesday of each month. The calendar will
be drawn up each year at which time specific dates will be approved by the

Section 3. Special meetings of the members of the club may be called by the
Commodore or by any member of the Board of Directors, upon notice
which shall state the place, day, hour and purpose of the meeting.


Section 1. To act on an expulsion for a violation of club rules or bylaws, the Board of
Directors will recommend action to the Commodore who will request a vote
of members at a regular meeting. At least five percent of the total
membership must be present at the meeting for a vote to be taken.

Section 2. A five member arbitration board will be established in expulsion cases as
2 members assigned by the Commodore
2 members assigned by the member in violation
1 member assigned by the above four members
Majority rules and all decisions are final.


Section 1. Proposed amendments to the bylaws of THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB will be
accepted at the August meeting and the vote will take place at the
September meeting.

Section 2. The Board of Directors may make necessary changes to these bylaws any
time during the year exclusively needed to comply with 501‐3C
requirements or any other federal regulations. Any such changes must be
presented and approved by the membership.


Section 1. The fiscal year for THE FLEET 17 BOAT CLUB begins on January 1st of each

Section 2. Any member who is in arrears of membership fees or assessments cannot
be nominated to hold any office of the club.


Section 1. Official club communications will only be delivered by or on behalf of the
current Fleet 17 board members.

Section 2. Club members e‐mail addresses will not be used for advertising, nor sold or
otherwise conveyed to any person or entity outside Fleet 17 for the
purpose of advertising without the express consent of that/those club

Section 3. The club website maintenance is the responsibility of the current Board of

Section 4. Club will maintain a Facebook Fan page to advertise club membership,
activities, and events. All postings on the page will be controlled by the Board
of Directors or the member delegated this responsibility by the board.

Version 9/28/2016